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Text and flirt with hundreds of men and women all over the UK

People from all over the UK are using our text talk service to chat, flirt and more…! right now. There are genuine people across the UK and local to you who you could be hooking up with straight away.

On the move? Keep chatting and sending pics wherever you are!

Getting started couldn’t be simpler. Just follow the simple 1,2,3 guide below and you’ll have access to hundreds of girls and guys within moments.

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Guys looking for girls text "Mwww"

Girls looking for guys text "Wwww"

To 88199 and let your fingers do the talking!

£1.50 for 1st 15 messages sent/received.
£1.50 per 6 messages sent/received thereafter. 18+.

Standard network charges apply. All MMS messages sent cost standard network rates. All texts you receive, including instructions and any 1-2-1s from other users are free. Women text at standard network rates. Send STOP to 88199 to stop. Helpdesk 020 7966 9616. This is NOT a subscription service.

How to chat

  1. Text 'Mwww' if you're a guy or 'Wwww' if you're a girl to 88199
  2. Follow our simple sign-up process
  3. Receive a welcome message.
    Reply for free with an introduction...

How to Text

Check out the guide below

Send your texts to 88199

  • Talk may be cheap, but so is text! Give TexTalk a try and keep those thumbs busy with one of the UK's largest text talk communities.

  • Follow the simple sign-up instructions.
  • Create an exciting profile!
  • Receive matches for potential mates and dates.
  • Upload and swap camera phone pics.
  • Hundreds of genuine users waiting to hear from you right now!
  • Safe and secure with 24/7 Help Desk Support – 020 7966 9616
  • Remember when meeting a date through this service, be safe and sensible – tell a friend and meet your date in a public place

Text Talk Hints & Tips


You will get more people contacting you if you add a photo to your profile.  After you have signed up to our service, you can send us a photo of yourself from your phone. 

You can also see pictures of the people you are chatting to. When you receive their intro profiles, the message will tell you if they have a picture.

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Chat you can trust


Safe, secure and moderated.

All our members are genuine users.

Private, discreet and anonymous.

Our Text Talk service is available 24/7 with online and phone support 020 7966 9616.

Tips for safe chatting

Chat on TV


Get your text talk messages displayed on TV!

Join other TV viewers and chat together or with our resident Text Jockeys.

Exchange private messages with other viewers all over the UK!

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Hundreds of guys on the line right now looking for chats and hook-ups..

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 About us

ChatorDate is the UK's leading provider of phone, TV, and web chat and dating with over 16 years of success behind us

At ChatorDate we help 1000's of people to get together for safe chat and dating whenever or wherever they are. We are the largest provider of chat and dating in the UK.

We operate services on multiple digital platforms so you can connect with people on the phone, online, or via SMS. Chat with hundreds of callers online right now, many of whom will be local to you. We also broadcast from our own TV station on SKY channel 940.

ChatorDate is one of the Intermediactive Group brands and sits alongside Gay Network, 4D, Candywall and Kooma as part of the wider group. The group is wholly UK owned and based in South London. We are regulated by both OFCOM and the Phone-paid Services Authority and are members of the Internet Foundation, FAST, the DMA and AIME.

You can contact us any time.

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Text Talk Hints & Tips

Text Talk lets you chat and meet with local girls and guys when you're out and about

To get the best response from other girls and guys and get the most out of the service, we recommend you follow these guidelines:

  1. When creating your profile, describe yourself and what you're looking for in a positive light.
  2. You will get more people contacting you if you add a photo to your profile. After you have signed up to TexTalk you can send us a photo of yourself from your phone.
  3. Just send your photo from your phone to 07730 414444 and we will let people know that they can see you! TexTalk will not charge you to upload a photo like this but network charges may apply.

You can also see pictures of the people you are chatting to. When you receive their intro profiles the message will tell you if they have a picture.

If they do, to see it just reply "PIC" to 66088 and we will send your phone a link to download the picture to your phone.

Don't worry we won't bombard you with messages. We will only send you one download link per photo. We will charge £1.50 each time you request a picture.

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Tips for safe chatting

When texting other men and women, we recommend you do not give out your contact details and when making a date through Text Talk, be safe and sensible. Tell a friend and meet your date in a public place.

All text messages, profiles and pictures sent are moderated by our Customer Service team to ensure that the service is a safe and fun place to interact.

If you wish to stop using the service at any time and to prevent us billing you further simply send the word STOP to 88199.

If you do have any questions you can also contact our customer care team direct 24/7 by dialling 020 7966 9616.