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11 Girls online
19 Guys online

Whether you're interested in making new friends or meeting that special someone, it's all about communication. Our chat services make it easier to meet people online and gives you the opportunity to fulfil your potential as a communicator. Without all the pressures of having to meet someone to chat with them, you can let your inner personality shine through, saying those things that you might not dare to in a face to face and really getting to know someone. You don't have to worry about how you look, how you're dressed or waste time worrying about the other person's body language; our chat services strip those confusing layers away, leaving you the freedom to chat honestly and actually enjoy making contact with men and women online.

Flirt Chat by Phone

Flirting by phone gives you the chance to put the fun back into your chat. You might just want to put your abilities to the test – maybe in advance of a face to face encounter – or you might like to try and flirt your way into a relationship. Alternatively, you might just enjoy the thrill of being a little bit cheeky, but without the worry that someone's going to make clumsy advances later in the evening. With our service you're flirting via phone, so you can build up a rapport with someone and take things at your own pace.

The Chat or Date flirt service can connect you with literally thousands of users each day; people who want the same as you – a chance to have fun and flirt. In addition, there are no subscription plans to worry about, no recurring fees, no monthly contracts and no hidden tariffs. We offer you access to our chat lines on your terms; you simply use them went you want to, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Flirting by phone is also one of the safest methods of flirting there is. While Chat or Date needs details such as your phone number, to give you access to the flirt lines, we'll never reveal them to anyone else. However, if you get to that stage where you feel you'd like to meet one of your contacts, then the choice to give then your personal contact information is entirely yours.

Dating Chat

You can spend a small fortune on Internet dating sites, trying to meet someone who ticks all the boxes. Trawling through profiles and waiting for someone to get back to you isn't our idea of fun. With Chat or Date, you hit the ground running. Contact is immediate and it's less about your profile content and more about the quality of chat. Using our chat services, you might find that you strike up something with a person who, in other circumstances, you might pass up. But, if you get to know someone quickly and on a comfortably flirty basis, you might end up giving them a second glance, widening your options and creating more potential for dating.

Using Chat or Date, you're not restricted to texts. You can swap photos, videos and sound files to get the most from your chats. In addition, there's no tier system like you find on many dating sites – you don't have to join the next level of membership in order to access certain services. Chat or Date is a level playing field, giving you the opportunity to get chatting and get results. With no subscription fees or hidden tariffs to worry about, you might find yourself meeting the partner you've been looking for...

Why use us?

The main difference between Chat or Date and other chat sites is that we don't tie our clients into contracts. Having facilitated chat and flirting between thousands of people on a daily basis, we know that people want services they can drop in and out of, without having to pay for the time when you're not using it. It might be that you end up meeting someone through our services so you don't need to chat for a while, or it might simply be that work or home commitments prevent you from being as flexible as you might like to be.

Whatever the reasons, we want to offer our users a service that suits their lifestyles, and we're so confident of the quality of the services we offer that we don't need to snare our customers into long-term plans.

Instead, we're a sort of ‘pay as you go' version of other sites; you pay for what you want to use and nothing else. We also know that confidentiality and privacy are of huge importance to users, so you're guaranteed that your details will be kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone else. You won't find our number on your phone bill and the only person who can share your private contact details is you; Chat or Date puts you in charge.

Get Chatting

Signing up is simplicity itself. Simply dial our number, record your own profile and then get browsing. We're not going to ask you to fill in some lengthy questionnaire about your favourite animal or your religious beliefs in the hope of matching you up. In our experience the best way to find out whether you have a connection with someone is to chat to them.

But it doesn't all have to be about finding your perfect match. While many of our users do chat their way into lasting relationships, there are equal numbers who use the service for a bit of flirty fun or a chance to exchange sexy texts and photos with like-minded people. Chat or Date merely builds a bridge of communication between you and thousands of other users – but it's up to you how you use it.

Chat or Date has been at the forefront of mobile chat for the last 16 years. The secret to our success is that we listen to the needs of our customers and are always looking to see how we can improve what we offer. Because we are so popular, we are able to keep our costs right down, creating a cost-effective chat service that allows you to be the person you want to be, but perhaps aren't confident enough in social situations. Why be shy when there's a service that can allow you to fulfil your full potential? Get chatting at Chat or Date today!

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Chat or Date is the UK's leading provider of phonechat lines with over 16 years of success behind us

At Chat or Date we help 1000's of people to get together for telephone dating on safe chat lines whenever or wherever they are. We are the largest provider of cheap chat lines and dating phonelines in the UK.

We operate services on multiple digital platforms so you can connect with people on the phone, online or mobile. Chat with hundreds of callers online and on our chat line right now, many of whom will be local to you.

Chat or Date is one of the Intermediactive Group brands and sits alongside Gay Network, 4D, Candywall and Kooma as part of the wider group. The group is wholly UK owned and based in South London. We are regulated by both OFCOM and the Phone-paid Services Authority and are members of the Internet Foundation, FAST, the DMA and AIME.

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