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Londoners have a reputation for being unfriendly, for rebuffing advances to chat, and for being in such a hurry that they just don't have time to talk. Not much chat in London?

But wait, is this really true? Statistics, however, suggest that Londoners are far more open to chat than anyone would imagine. In terms of inhabitants versus chat line usage, London is the chattiest city in the UK. A high percentage of Londoners are dialling up to phone chat lines as a way of passing the time and to meet new people.

Why London Loves to Phone Chat

When initiating a conversation with a new person in a London bar it's not unusual to be rebuffed at the first hurdle. Strange, it seems then, that Londoners are so keen to pick up the phone and get a conversation going with a complete stranger.

Anonymity is one of the reasons that Londoners turn to phone chat. There isn't any threat to privacy or pride when using phone chat services and the caller can choose to give away as little, or as much information, as they like. It's certainly in line with that stereotype of being closed and protected.

Londoners chat by phone

Phone chat is a speedy way to meet people. When time is at a premium, as it is for many professionals in London, it's helpful to have the option of reaching many people in once place without having to waste time getting there and back; everyone is at the touch of your fingertips from the comfort of your home.

London has more singles chatting than anywhere else

The number of single people in London, when compared to other UK cities is phenomenal. There are many theories on why Londoners find it so difficult to meet new partners and all or many of them could be true. What's definite is that London is fast becoming the motherland of singletons. It appears that the capital's people are turning to phone chat to find that needle-in-a-haystack lover.

Chattily Ever After

If the rise in London phone chat users continues the capital should be due a bout of weddings, or so you'd think. It turns out that callers from inside London are more likely to chat to people from their home town or region rather than other London singles. Statistics like this suggest that many of London's phone chat users are not looking for a quick meet-up or a date but that they really do just want to connect with people on the phone. It turns out that London really does just love chat.

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